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Coming Fall 2024 • Coming Fall 2024 • Coming Fall 2024 


In this adventurous picture book, readers meet young Nyla, in a state of frustration after she finds out her family’s annual trip will be to the Mojave Desert instead of the beach. To Nyla, the desert is a barren land filled with nothing but tumbleweeds and sand; it is not until her parents give her the task of searching for some of the many animals of this desert, that Nyla realizes how full of life this ecosystem really is. By the end of the trip, she has had a change of heart, and can’t wait to come back again so she can see more of what the Mojave Desert has to offer.

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Kaesee Bourne is a fish and wildlife biologist, and graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Raised in the Mojave Desert, she has a deep connection to nature and is passionate about wildlife conservation. With a background in graphic design and writing, Kaesee aims to blend her love for science and creativity in her projects. Click here to learn more about Kaesee and her work.

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