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One-off projects with clients, or designs that are not part of a series. 


Things by Kae is my very first project, and it is something I am constantly updating, improving, and experimenting with.


This is an outdoor brand I have created to showcase the adventures of my father, Tony Bourne (and the rest of our family). The brand focuses on hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.


A project created by Dr. Sean Neiswenter, and designed by me. This brand focuses on ecological sciences, educating (mainly children), on the animals of the Las Vegas Wash systems.


I spent the summer of 2022 in Washington State, doing an internship with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery. My projects focused on digital media and translating relevant media into Spanish.


My family is really really big so naturally, our family reunions reflect that. I have been able to help create many digital projects for our reunions to help get information out!

IMG_1041 2_edited.jpg

Following my graduation in 2022, I accepted a position in the lab of Dr. Matthew D. Petrie. He does research on plants (primarily pine trees) in the southwestern US. As the Science Communications Technician, I helped make visual summaries of his research results in order to share them with agencies concerned with the state of the environment.

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