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Kaesee Bourne

I am a young professional with a love for nature and all of the many animals it contains, both terrestrial and aquatic. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2022) where I majored in Biology with a concentration in Ecology & Evolutionary Studies.


While I love the science world, I also find great happiness in expressing my creativity. There's something invigorating about having an idea, writing it down, and then putting in the work to make that vision come to life. I have big dreams and work hard each and everyday to see them come true.

Professional Goals

My ultimate goal is to work with animals! When I first began college, I wanted to become a marine biologist, but since I have stayed in Nevada (an obviously land-locked state), I have also become interested in the field of ecology. Because each of these fields have so many career opportunities, I am not quite set on which avenue I'd like to venture down. Either way, I know that in whatever I choose, I really can't go wrong.


In an ideal world, I would be able to find a job that combines both my love for animals and creativity.


University of Nevada, Las VegasGraduated Dec 2022

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences | Evolutionary & Ecological Sciences Concentration

Double minoring in Psychology and Neuroscience

Relevant coursework: Conservation Biology, Animal Behavior


Study Abroad – Universidad de Costa Rica Sede de Occidente/USACJan-March 2020

Relevant Coursework: Tropical Marine Biology, Ecology & Populations, Spanish Composition I & II, Women’s Health Studies


U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceDirectorate Fellows Program Intern

  • Spent 11 weeks at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery working on digital media projects

  • Photographed & recorded outreach events & other special moments

  • Interpreted life science information for the hatchery visitors

  • Helped kids make positive memories with the outdoors

  • Backpacked an eight mile trail with equipment to help hydrologist take lake measurements

  • Spent time doing field work at various USFWS sites

(More information can be found here)


Petrie Life Science Lab | Science Communications Technician

  • Summarizing the results of southwestern US plant research

  • Using summaries to create easy-to-read, well designed reports, infographics, and other documents to inform government and conservation agencies

  • Click here for Petrie Lab Website

(More information can be found here)


Mojave Desert Creative Research Thesis Paper

Semester 1 | This project was done in fulfillment of my Honors independent research course. After doing research, I proposed that I would make a children's picture book about the Mojave Desert.

Semester 2 | The second half of this project focused on the actual creation of the picture book. I added to the research of the previous semester and defended my thesis in May 2022.

Thesis Presentation Footage:

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