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fierce and female.

This past week, my church had its annual women’s conference, and this year, the theme was “walk.” To walk into the calling that God has for you. And not only that, but to walk with confidence and boldness.

All of the merch for the conference was based on empowering women. The shirt that I ended up buying said “fierce and female” on the front of it. While this is a phrase of only three words, it’s packed with so much meaning. Just because we are women doesn’t mean that we have to be quiet and in hiding; we can be female and still be strong.

There’s nothing wrong with liking things that stereotypically characterize girls, but we shouldn’t be confined to only those things. Example: my favorite color is pink, I really love glitter and cute stationary…buuuuuut I also enjoy atv-ing, hunting, and paint balling. I know when to be vulnerable, but I also know when it’s time for me to stand up for myself and be strong.

I think a lot of times, what stops us from dreaming big or doing what we actually want to do is our own mentality. We’ve been told so many times that “girls can’t do this,” or “girls shouldn’t do this,” that it has become ingrained in our minds. We believe the lies that because we are female, there are certain things that we aren’t capable of.

Don’t let people determine what you do in life just because you happen to be a female. We don’t have to be confined to minor roles, we are just as capable as our counterparts. Just because it hasn’t been done by a woman before doesn’t mean that it never will. Someone’s gotta be the first, and it might as well be you.

One of my favorite quotes that Marie Silva said was “I am fierce, but not at the expense of my femininity.” A woman does not have to let go of the things that characterize her as a woman in order to be fierce. We can be 100% female and 100% fierce; the two ideas do not juxtapose each other.

So stop limiting what you can do. Take up space. Speak your mind. Be bold. Be caring. Be adventurous. Be fierce.



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