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God dream.

Every year, my church’s youth group hosts a youth and young adult conference called Dedicated Conference. People from all across the country come to hear amazing speakers and gather together to have fun while praising God. There were so many people who registered, that we sold out of wrist bands. It was pretty cool.

This year’s theme was God Dream and was based on the scripture Acts 2:17 “Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.” We focused on the idea of listening to hear what God’s plan was for our lives, and going in the direction of our dreams.

As usual, the speakers were amazing and there truly are no words for how amazing the worship was. All expectations that I had set before conference were exceeded by time the last session was over.

Every year, I’m amazed to see hundreds of people my age all gathering under one name. It’s a time of refreshing and allows us to come back to the simplicity of loving Jesus.

We danced. We met new people. We made memories.

Hope to see more of you for next year’s Dedicated Conference!



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