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good reads.

Lately, I’ve been trying to read at least one chapter of a book a day, and the book I’m currently journeying through is Own the Moment by Carl Lentz. I’m diggin this book so far because though its chapters are easy to read, they are filled with some really good information. I especially loved the portion I read the other day. The main idea was to “occupy all streets.” Lentz says that by this, he meant that “whatever I was doing, I was going to do it like it was the last thing I was ever going to do, fully aware and hopeful that it wouldn’t be.”

It reminded me that spite of all the excuses and circumstances that might stand in my way, I should still live life to the fullest. We don’t have to wait for “someday” to be great, we can be great right now. He really honed in on this idea when he talked about how he would randomly text old friends and see how they were doing. One interaction he had in particular ended up changing the course of his friend’s life. Even though he didn’t feel like texting the person, he listened to the voice that was pushing him to reach out bThere doesn’t need to be a reason to check in on people, you never know what your words or act of kindness could mean to someone.

And this idea really stuck with me. Why do I let my fear or laziness stop me from interacting with the people I love? I talk myself out of texting someone because I’m too lazy or because I convince myself that there’s no need to see how they’re doing (that sounds way more blunt in word form than it did in my head lolol). Or I’m scared that I’ll somehow embarrass myself (which is something that I’m reeeeeeeeally good at). Encouraging someone truly costs me nothing but a few moments, but those few moments could mean the world to that person.

For me, this chapter pushed me to be more intentional about my interactions with people and to not wait for moments to come up, but to make them happen. I took note of the last few sentences of the chapter because they really spoke to me, and I hope they speak to you too.

“What have you been waiting for that you actually don’t have to wait for? Influence and significance are not found in position or title. They’re found in passion and intentional living.”

In the words of Carl Lentz, “own the moment.”



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