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I'm Leaving

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

If you didn’t already know, I’m leaving. Not forever, but for a minute. From January 10th until May 8th, I will be studying abroad in San Ramon, Costa Rica. Sorry if you didn’t know before this post, but to be fair, I didn’t start telling people until after Thanksgiving, and I forget who knew and who didn’t...but now you know. 

Since I have been getting basically the same questions, I decided to do a little FAQ for all ya’ll who want to know more. 

Will I still be able to buy cards or earrings?

One of the main reasons I even decided to share this on social media is because of my business. Because I will be out of the country, I will not be selling cards or earrings while I am gone, so if you want to buy something, you have until January 5th to put an order in...the clock is ticking. Also, one of my goals is to sell out of the earrings I have in stock before I go, so there’s that. 

Is this a mission trip? Are you raising money or taking donations?

No. I’m taking classes as if I were still at UNLV, but I am just in a different country. So I am not asking people for money as you would with a mission trip...however, if you feel led to do something, I am not opposed, lol. There are definitely things that I still need to get to prepare me for my trip.

What made you decide to go to Costa Rica?

I decided to go to this particular place for two reasons: 1) They have a Tropical Marine Biology class and other courses that were very tailored towards animals, which is ultimately what I want to work with when I get out of school and 2) I get to practice/improve my spanish. And I’ve heard Costa Rica is really pretty. 

Where will you be staying?

I will be living with a host family while I am there. As of now, I am still not sure of who they are because we don’t get that information until a week before the trip.

How do your parents feel?

My parents (especially my mom) have talked about me studying abroad even before I got into high school, so they are definitely excited for me to go on this trip. I know they’re probably sad cause I am too, but more happy than anything.

Do you know anyone else that is going?

Nope :)

Can we hang out?

Maybe. I’ll check my schedule.

Where can I send letters or mail?

I do not have an address for people to send me things yet, but if you’re wanting to send letters or anything, let me know, and I will give you the address when I find out. I am also accepting small and cute things for me to take to remind me of home. 

I am super excited to go on this trip and am sure that all of the expectations I have now will be exceeded. It’s going to be weird to go from having this busy life in Vegas to going to Costa Rica, and dropping basically everything but school. 

If you’re sad that I’m leaving, go head and cry cause I know I have, but I’ll be back.

Until next time,



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