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Yet Here I Am

My name is Kaesee Bourne.

I am five generations removed from being a slave.

I am the daughter of Tony Bourne.

Granddaughter of Woodrow Bourne.

Great granddaughter of Levon Bourne.

Great great granddaughter of Warren Bourne.

Great great great granddaughter of Ishman Bourne — born a slave.

I come from resilience, bravery, and strength.

In the midst of absolute agony my people still brought good into this world.

(My people still bring good into this world)

Out of a place of utter darkness, their light still shined.

(Their light still shines)

My people have endured more than they should have.

— I should not be here.

And yet here I am.

I am what my ancestors survived for. Fought for.

Every breath I take is a protest.

Every day I am alive is a celebration of their lives.


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