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Rating Planners

Planners are essential for both small business owners and anyone who has a lot of events to keep track of. They help keep your mind organized, and prevent you from forgetting important information. I would be completely lost without my planner.

And since we’re coming up on the end of the year, it’s time to pick out a brand new planner! Before I go shopping for a new one, I try and reflect on the brands I have had in the past and take note of which features I can’t live without.

Still not sure which brand I’ll go with this year, but wanted to help you out and share the ratings of the planners I have had so far:




Rate /10

Buy again?


August to December. Spiral bound. No bookmark

Monthly and weekly view. Tabs for each month. Space in margin for daily goals. Blank pages at end of each month.

Skinny pages (skinny boxes to write in). Thick.



Sugar Paper

Front pockets. Yearly overview. Spiral bound. no bookmark. Section in very back for notes. Calendar year.

Monthly and weekly view. Tabs for each month. Lined boxes for each day. Wide pages.

No extra room on pages for goals or weekly notes.



Shop Bando

Spiral bound. August to December (17 months). No bookmark. Monthly illustrations. Unlined days. Pockets in front. (Company has options for size of planner and how many months)

Monthly and weekly view. Tabs for each month. Notes section with positive words before each month. Lots of room for each day to write in. Margin space for extra additions. Weekly quotes. Came with stickers. Extra notes in back of planner.

Thick. Expensive.


Yes (lost points bc expensive)


Undated. Has bookmarks. Notes section in back.

Lots of space for writing. Helps set goals and promote personal growth. Has weekly, monthly, and daily view. Space for hourly schedule.

Thick. Undated. Only had enough pages for 4 months. Have to flip to different sections for monthly, weekly, and daily views. Required too much effort and it was easy to get confused.




Undated. Notes section. Has bookmark.

Customizable cover. Helped set goals and review them. Weekly overview with important to-do's, habit tracker, and notes. Page to plan weekly meals. Daily view had hourly schedule, room for goals, and notes. Lots of space to write.

No monthly overview. Paper was a little see-through. Only had enough pages for 4 months.


Yes, but one that was dated and had a whole calendar year


18 months. Two bookmarks. Pocket in back. Notes section on each week and in the back.

Monthly and weekly view. Lots of space for writing tasks, goals, and notes. Left page is the weekly view, right page is the space for notes and tasks.

The cover could have been cuter.



There are also a lot of brands that I have heard of, but haven't tried yet. So just in case you're feeling experimental, here's that list too: Rifle Paper Co., Blue Sky, Moleskin, Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Panda Planner, Day Designer, and Kokonote.

Happy planner shopping!



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