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Little by Little

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Sometimes I get stuck in my head and allow what's going on to negatively affect my mood and the way I treat people. One of my favorite ways to try and combat this is by being my own encourager through writing. I speak life over myself, and remember that I am empowered. These are some of the words that resulted from me taking time to breath and gather my thoughts at a park.

You could easily sit here & wallow,

overthinking your circumstances,

& letting the darkness take control

of your thoughts and feelings.

But this release of power doesn't

just happen by chance.

Little by little, we allow our joy to

be stolen from us.

We choose to let negativity &

pessimism cloud our minds.

It's hard to see through the eyes of our circumstances

tear stained glasses aren't very clear.

But please keep trying.

Little by little we take back the joy

that was gifted to us;

Little by little we see the progress

we have made.

And because I like making things, I also made a graphic thing for this piece

Thanks for reading!



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