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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

If you haven't heard from practically everyone who lives in Vegas, it snowed here last week! I (and many other people) was very excited because we live in a desert, so it's weird for it to be this cold, and also because the last time it snowed and stuck to the ground was in 2008.

I have realized that whenever I am having an off day or am overwhelmed by all of the things that are going on, what helps me to calm down (after going to God of course) is setting my mind on all of the beautiful things that are out in nature. Things like going outside or watching ocean documentaries remind me of how complex and interconnected everything is. So many little things have to take place in order for us to enjoy simple pleasures such as breathing.

Observing how nature operates and how effortlessly beautiful it is proves to me that everything will eventually work out.

The day after it snowed, I walked to this bridge by my house that connects these two parks together. It was at the perfect height that I could see practically the whole city. Nothing I could write could describe how amazing it really was, but all around me were mountains blanketed in snow and rows of clouds floating across the sky. It was cold and it started sprinkling, but I didn't care because I was thoroughly enjoying the view.

I took out my journal that I bring with me everywhere (it's filled with notes from books, card + design ideas, poetry, and other random thoughts), and began to write whatever was coming to my mind. Here are some words inspired by this particular adventure:


There are all of these beautiful things to look at,

and you're choosing to focus on the one ugly part?

You need to take a step outside.

Go on an adventure.

Don't stop short because you're

wondering what outsiders may be thinking.


Thanks for reading, Kae

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