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Writing Challenge: 10 Word Poems

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Just today, I decided that I wanted to make myself do some writing exercises to encourage me to write more and become better at expressing my thoughts. I'm not sure how many days I'll do this for or if I'll even post all of the prompts I do, but if you feel like following along with me, share what you come up with!

Alright, so the prompt for today was to make a poem using only 10 words. This seemed pretty easy at first because there are no restrictions on the topic, but it's hard to write an idea in exactly 10 words. Here's what I came up with

Full of ideas, but too overwhelmed to carry them out.

Joy is already yours,


perhaps life has condensed over.

They didn't make you frustrated,

your heart made a way.

I'm sorry. I didn't intend my words to cause pain.

Think about what's on your mind

Then just

Say it.


I'll get over it.

But for now,

it sucks.

can't cave into distraction

can't let it

steal my focus

alright. so what.

I wasn't making it for them anyways.

Here are images I made for some of the poems as well!

Thanks for checking it out!



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