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35 Things to do in Quarantine

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Are you stuck in the house? Run out of things to watch? Can’t wait to be allowed to hang out with your friends again? We’re all in the same boat right now, but just because we’ve been confined to our houses, doesn’t mean we need to be bored. Here are a bunch of different things that you can try out to keep you occupied during this time.

1. Connect with your friends

Virtually of course. There are so many different apps that allow you to video chat with your friends online. FaceTime, instagram video chats, facebook video chats, Skype, zoom, house party, and more. House party is really cool because it allows you to play games with your friends while you are video chatting.

2. Learn a new skill

Look up different tutorials for all of the things that you have been wanting to learn how to do. You can use skill share, youtube, and other software to learn different things.

(Some ideas: adobe apps like photoshop/illustrator, website making, design, learn how to play an instrument, learn a magic trick, improve your handwriting, learn to crotchet/knit, learn how to sew, work with clay)

3. Play some board games

Some of my favorites include: taboo, speed, spoons, chameleon, and scategories.

4. Read

5. Try a new recipe

Help out around the house and make a meal (or dessert) for the fam. Check out Pinterest or All Recipes

6. Netflix party

Download Netflix party here. This software allows you to watch Netflix virtually with friends. With the extensions, the movie will be synced, meaning that everyone is watching the same part of the movie at the same time. There is even a chat room so that you can talk while the movie is playing. Info on how it works.

7. Write

This could be a blog post, poetry, a short story, a novel, a children's book, or something random

8. Workout

9. Sleep

10. Clean up/reorganize your room

11. Paint

12. Do some sidewalk chalk art

13. Pamper yourself

Paint your nails. Make the day a spa day. Face masks.

14. Try a new hairstyle

I know that for people with curly hair, trying out a new hair style can take hours, so get creative! You have all the time in the world.

15. Do a puzzle

16. Color

17. Make a list of goals or things you want to accomplish by the end of this time

18. Yoga

19. Finish your homework and study for that test

I'm talking to you fellow college students. Don't slack on those online classes.

20. Journal

21. Clean up some storage on your phone.

22. Delete old photos off of your phone, or transfer them to a hard drive.

23. Watch a sunset

24. Make a fort

25. Make some new music playlists and clean-up/update old ones

26. Find a new favorite youtuber

27. Take some time for devos

"Devos" = Devotional = time spent with God. With all this time we have, set aside some to read your bible and get closer to God.

28. Sit outside and do nothing

When was the last time you purposefully sat around and just observed what was going on around you? Watching birds and other animals carelessly go about their daily routines is surprisingly calming.

29. Dance

30. Sing

31. Go get the mail

32. Learn some new facts

Brush up on some knowledge that you used to know, or always wished you had known. This could be opening some old textbooks, looking up math tutorials, or practice some trivia.

33. Learn all of the lyrics to a whole album

Seems like a large feat to me, and could be kind of fun.

34. Make funny videos

35. Have an outdoor picnic

Bottom line, we have a whole lot of time to waste, and the ways in which we can fill that time are endless. Channel your "inner child" and make up things to entertain yourself.

Thanks for reading,



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