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Let Go of What’s Leaving

Learning to let go of what’s leaving.

It can be scary when growth means that parts of the past you cannot be part of your future.

The parts we thought defined us; the parts we thought made us, us. When we feel these things slipping, we give every last attempt to hold on. We fight to keep what used to be our identity.

These attempts are only wasting our energy.

Let go of what is leaving.

Take a deep breath and loosen your grip. Sometimes we need to release what used to be, so we have room for what is to come. Even if ”what used to be was good.” Even if we thought we were on the right track. Even if we would feel empty without it.

Stop trying to force things back into your life. It doesn’t belong there anymore. It’s not you anymore.

It’s okay. All will be well.


to let go

of what

is leaving.

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So beautiful ❤️

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