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My Curly Hair Routine in a Week

I used to not like my natural hair. I would only wear it in a ponytail and occasionally add some straightened bangs😭. Towards the end of middle school, I started embracing my curls and trying out new hairstyles. Looking back now, I am very very grateful I started experimenting with my curly hair journey in middle school because I was lookin rough at the time.

I’ve learned a lot since then. Middle school Kaesee suffered through the awkward curly phase so that 21 year old Kaesee could thrive, lol.

I wear my hair in a few different ways: braid/twist outs, protective styles, or in the “wash n go” style.

For all of them, I usually put three products in my hair + water. I do the loc method which includes putting a Leave in conditioner, oil, and then Cream on your hair (obviously apply water on your hair first). Lately, I’ve been putting the oil on last because I feel like it works better with the specific products I’ve been using.

After I put in the cream, I finger-detangle my hair. You just rake your fingers through your hair until it’s all detangled. Some people just use a comb, but I prefer my hands. (It also may be hard to do if you’re just starting to finger detangle, but once your hair gets used to it, it’ll be easier).

For braid/twist outs: I do this style at night so when I wake up, my hair is dried and stretched out. I split my hair in half and do the LOC method then I French (really, it’s a Dutch braid) braid one side down, then do the LOC and French braid for the other side. Then I go to sleep and wake up, take my hair out and then fluff the roots. I do not add any more product because that would defeat the whole purpose of my hair being dry. Instead of French braids, you could do a bunch of normal braids, or Bantu knots, twists, flat twists, whatever you want.

Finger detangling is also very helpful for when I do the wash n go style. This is when my hair is FULLY curly, embracing all the shrinkage. I feel that using my hands vs. a comb helps the curls to be more defined and keeps it from being a frizzy Afro. I split my hair in half and go through the LOC method on each side. Usually, I add gel to make my curls hold and make them shinier. Then shake my hair a little and give it maybe 30 minutes to dry a bit. THEN I shake it again and use my pick to lift JUST the roots. Don’t bring the pick through your entire head because then it will make the curls frizzy. Picking the roots makes your hair look bigger and fuller. And once that’s done, I go about my day.

I usually wear protective styles/updos when I’m lazy, I’ll be near water, or if I know I’ll be sweating a lot. I do the same LOC method and detangling and then I braid my hair, put it in a ponytail, or do faux locs. Basically with these styles, your curls are tucked away so they aren’t affected by the elements.

I‘ve tried a lot of products, but these have been my favorites as of late:

Leave in conditioner: my forever go to is the Cantu leave in conditioner. Some people hate it, but it works for me. Whenever a product stops working on my hair (which can happen when seasons change), I go back to that.

Oil: earth supplied

Cream: curls “creme brule” whipped curl cream

Gel: curls “B defined curl defining gel”

I honestly end up going to target to get my hair products. Mainly because it’s closer to me than an actual hair care store, but also because you can take the product back if you don’t like it. So if something isn’t working, TAKE IT BACK🗣

Here’s what my hair looked like last week:


I used all products. Same routine as wash n go, but then I stretched the curls with a hair tie for 3 hours. Curls were still in my natural curl pattern, but looser and in a cute bob shape.

Night: washed hair and then applied all products and then put it in two (Dutch - braid sticks out) braids. Slept with a bonnet.


Took my braids down and let my hair finish drying. Once it was dry, I separated the strands with my fingers. I knew it would be windy so I did a half-up half-down look

Night: did nothing to my hair and just put a bonnet on cause I was lazy.


Didn’t add anything to my hair but gel to put it in some “Mohawk” ponytails. Used some edge control for (obviously) the edges.

Night: put all products on my hair and did 2 braids.


Took hair out of braids and waited til it was dry. Pulled out some bangs and then put part of the front in a pony tail. Used gel to slick one side. No edges because I was lazy. And then of course, lift the roots with a pick.

Night: nothing, just put a bonnet on.


Split my hair in half and did the following process on each side: added water, leave in, and gel. Finger detangled, then shook my hair and let it dry (literally shaking my head all around, you look crazy, but it’s effective). When it was dry enough to not get frizzy, I fluffed the roots.

Night: bonnet


Left it in a pony tail for most of the day. I didn’t actually do anything to it until later that night. I put all of the products on my hair, finger detangled, and then put it in a low bun so that I could put on a hat.


Added some water and leave in conditioner and let it stay out.

Then Sunday, I washed my hair and the process starts all over again. I don’t really have a pattern of when I do hairstyles, I generally take it day by day, mainly based on how much effort I feel like putting in.

If you have any other questions or want more info, let me know!



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