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Love your Skin

"I don't want to get any darker." I hear this a lot in the summer, and it's usually from someone who has darker skin. You may that person hiding under towels or not going in the water because they don't want their skin to change shades. (I myself used to hide under towels because I didn't want to get any darker. But now if you find me avoiding the sun, it's only because it's hot or I have already been in the sun for too long and don't want to burn).

I would ask why we do this, but I know that it has to do with a long history of slavery, racism, and colorism...which I won't get too into because that conversation could go on for days.

What I will say is that we need to stop believing lies that make us look down on ourselves. Why are we allowing people to tell us that things we were born with are ugly? So what your skin is darker than your friends, or even your cousins. Skin tone does not determine beauty. (And even for people on the lighter end of the spectrum. Don't let people look down on you for being light). Don't let the culture tell you your skin isn't beautiful. Don’t let the culture tell you what you’re worth.

And specifically to all of my brown skin girls: having darker skin is nothing to be ashamed of. Stop wishing you were "as light as they are." You're beautiful regardless of your shade.

I made this painting literally yesterday. I'm not the best drawer or painter, but I wanted to test my hand at a self portrait. For me, it's a reminder to be proud of my skin and my hair. While neither of them define me, they are a part of who I am. (The painting also features a pair of Things by Kae earrings).

We don’t need to hide from the sun to keep from getting darker. Soak up the rays and let them make your skin even more golden. (I do hope that you wear sunscreen though. Just because your skin is darker doesn't mean that you won't burn or damage your skin from too much sun exposure. Take care of yourself pls).

If you're feeling less than beautiful, listen to this playlist I made "like pearls."

Your skin is radiant. It beams with happiness and joy.

Until next time,



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